About Us

The Law Offices of Mohamedu F. Jones is an Internet-based firm specializing in Liberian corporate, patent, commercial, and maritime laws. Our practice is dedicated to serving the needs of international business. Today, it covers Liberian corporate law, including corporate formation and governance, commercial law, intellectual property law, banking and finance laws, trade law, international transactions, and arbitration, related to matters of Liberian law.

We bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to transactions involving Liberia. The Law Offices of Mohamedu F. Jones is able to offer legal services and public policy consultancy of the highest standard expected in international business and financial centers. Our Office brings to bear vast experience at multiple levels in the government and the private sector of Liberia.

The Law Office of Mohamedu F. Jones

Liberia is a major non-resident corporate and maritime domiciliary. Liberian corporations, LLC’s, partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations are easily formed. We draft articles of incorporation and corporate governance documents, certificates of formation and other organizational documents, to facilitate the formation process, and act to maintain the corporation in good standing.

Liberia is the world's premier open ship registry. It has a reputation for quality, efficiency, safety, and service. We offer Liberian maritime law counsel, as well as provide services for entering and maintaining registration in Liberia's registry.